Al Meier

When my wife, Jan, and I retiered in 1989, we bought a home in Hendersonville, NC and a small coop in Boynton Beach on the Intercoastal Waterway. In Hendersonville, I quickly found Opportunity House, an old A&P store which had been converted to a community center for the arts. They had a wood carving shop, art studio and ceramic shop, etc. There I met Billy Bell and Al Graff, two long-time supporters and active members of our own club her in Melbourne, FL. They both summered just outside Hendersonville and also wintered here in Melbourne. Billy was Treasurer of our club for years and a relief carver who now lives in CA. Al & his wife Natalie now live in Buena Vista and Al occosionally visits us. He loves to carve realistic birds. While in Hendersonville, I also met Lou Coleman who lived on Pineapple street in Eau Gallie and who founded this club. So you can see it was easy for me to look up old acquaintances from Gp House in Hendersonville when we moved to Melbourne in 1990.

Gone too, but not to be forgotten, is Dick West who was a President and staunch supporter of this club for many years. Francis Snow who, among other items, carved full-sized caracel horses. He still lives in Melbourne. Another oldie who moved to Viera and doesn't drive this way any more is Art Spedding, whose last major piece was a full-sized herron, carved for his wife, Judith.

Yours truly also carves realistic birds and only started carving in the small coop utility closer in 1987 when I got bored in Florida and chanced meeting Bill Steurn who wintered in Florida and was a member of the Boynton Beach carving club and Op House in Hendersonville. He gave me my first cut-out and said I only needed an Exacto knife.
As the saying goes "Baby, we have come a long way!!"

Below are a few of my carvings. Enjoy.

Al Meier